A New Way to Enjoy a Flight of Wine at the Williamsburg Winery - The Williamsburg Winery

A New Way to Enjoy a Flight of Wine at the Williamsburg Winery

Sit. Sip. Savor.

Take part in a new tasting experience at the Williamsburg Winery ‘s Susan Constant Hall, adjacent to the Retail Wine Shop.

“We’re changing from the standard tasting format with people standing at a bar and making it completely different,” said Williamsburg Winery Founder Patrick Duffeler. “We wanted to have enough small tables, some for two, some for four, some for six, so people can leisurely enjoy wine.”

Replacing a “grab-and-go” approach to wine tasting and replacing it with an experience that encourages engaging at a comfortable pace is consistent with the theme of the Williamsburg Winery, which embraces slowing down to enjoy life’s moments alongside excellent food and wine.

Guests can choose from a menu of 16 different selections from the Virginia, Wessex Hundred and Reserve collections. Tastings are allotted in 2-ounce portion sizes.

“Everyone can pick out four wines to taste,” says Kenny Bumbaco, Vice President of Direct Wine Sales. “If you have a table of four willing to share, you can taste all 16.”

The flights offer a marvelous chance to find a new favorite in a warm space where the inviting décor includes an open hearth fireplace and tapestries from old Europe. Susan Constant Hall, named for the lead ship on the Virginia Company’s expedition to the New World that founded Jamestown, includes 10 tables ranging in size and two lounge areas.

“The wines for the flights range in price from $17 all the way up to the Adagio at $68,” Bumbaco says.

Reservations are a must for the $19-per-person experience offered on weekends.

While no appetizers are for sale, guests can tote snacks from the retail store. Guests seeking a longer stay can continue their experience at the outdoor 1619 Pavilion or the Gabriel Archer Tavern.

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