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“If you like a superlative white burgundy, you will love the Chardonnays from The Williamsburg Winery at less than half of the price.”

-Oz Clarke, acknowledged as ‘the most recognized wine critic in the United Kingdom’

Wessex Hundred

These estate-grown wines are made from grapes sourced exclusively from our estate vineyards at Wessex Hundred in Williamsburg.

Williamsburg Winery 2021 Albarino.
2021 Wessex Hundred Albariño

100% Albariño

An elegant wine offering a lot of fresh peach, apricot, tangerine, plum and nectarine. The fresh fruits are well balanced with the creamy vanilla and citrus fruits such as orange and lemon. Just behind the fruit nuances is a lovely touch of minerality and salinity. The mouthfeel is juicy and fruit forward with a touch of limestone and vanilla creaminess. A nicely balanced with a bright fruit forward elegance. This wine will pair well with anything coming out of the Chesapeake Bay.

2021 Wessex Hundred Dry Rosé

Cabernet Franc and Vidal Blanc

A wonderfully delicate wine offering soft nuances of raspberry, strawberry, red apple and some melon. Along with these fruits are some vanilla and spice notes with a hint of caramel. Nicely nestled with the fruit and spice is a fresh floral and perfume note. Tee finish is very clean and fresh with the fruits and vanilla making for a pleasant creamy ambrosia effect. 

2019 Wessex Hundred Chardonnay

100% Chardonnay

A full-bodied wine offering some pleasant aromas of peach, lemon, grapefruit and pineapple along with a floral note that transitions into a lovely fresh rose and hydrangea essence. Among the fresh fruits and flowers is a layer of creamy vanilla and caramel that then leads into a saltwater taffy character. The oak is sublimely integrated with the fruit and acidity making for a deliciously balanced wine with an elegant body and finish.

Williamsburg Winery WH 2019 Viognier
2019 Wessex Hundred Viognier

100% Viognier

This Viognier has the classic elements of a pineapple upside cake in conjunction with a lemon cream pie. In addition to these sweet treats there is some apricot, plum, mandarin orange, and grilled pineapple. On the palate these fruits come forward along with a pleasant tea character and some flowers. The finish is well balanced, lingering with a cake-like creaminess and a bright acidity just poking through.

2018 Wessex Hundred Viognier

100% Viognier

This wine sports some very tropical notes of pineapple, mango, and orange along with some fresh lemon zest.  With the tropical notes there is some dried apricot, peach and rhubarb.  There is also a nice floral aspect that almost verges on perfume.  Just behind these fresh fruit notes is a creamy caramel/honey and vanilla aspect that creates a pleasant dimension to the wine.  The finish is long and clean with the tropical notes coming through and then it flows into that creamy vanilla.  Grandmothers pineapple upside down cake in a bottle.

Virginia Appellation

Made from a combination of grapes sourced from Wessex Hundred and from our partner growers from around the commonwealth.

Williamsburg Winery Mid Summer’s Night White.
2021 A Midsummer Night’s White

48% Traminette, 45% Petit manseng, 7% Chardonnay

A lovely aromatic wine with notes of orange blossom, honeysuckle, apricot and a hint of blueberry. Along with these aromatic fruits is a soft floral perfume with honey and vanilla. On the palette the honey really shines next to the fruit, along with a soft lemon zest. Along with this creamy rich mouthfeel there is a touch of melon on the finish that just rounds out the wine nicely. The brightness of the wine and the touch of sweetness make for a great balance. Summertime frolics and Virginia Oysters will pair nicely with this wine.

Williamsburg Winery Acte 12 of 1619.
2019 Acte 12 Chardonnay

100% Chardonnay

This wine is packed with different layers and nuances such as plum, red apples, strawberry, cherry, and rhubarb.  Then there is a layer of creamy vanilla with a touch of lemon curd.  After that comes a slightly herbal essence with a hint of spice and nuttiness.  All these nuances are beautifully balanced on the palate with a bright and yet creamy finish that lingers for a while.  The oak and stainless steel are in complete harmony with the wine and create a beautifully balanced chardonnay.

2020 Stainless Steel Chardonnay.
2021 Virginia Stainless Steel Fermented Chardonnay

100% Chardonnay

A fruit forward wine with some fresh tropical pineapple, lychee, orange then followed by some apple, pear, plum and dried apricot. The fruits are followed by some soft floral and lemon notes which balance well with the limestone nuance. There is just a touch of a spicy caramel tone that adds nicely to the overall complexity. The mouth and finish are both bright and creamy at the same time creating a lovely full rich texture. 

2018 Virginia Petit Manseng
2019 Virginia Petit Manseng

100% Petit Manseng

A full-bodied wine with multiple fruit families represented, starting with the tropical fruits of starfruit, kiwi, and papaya. Then the stone fruits of apricots and nectarines followed by the berry family with a hint of strawberry.  Mixed in with these fresh fruits is a layer of vanilla and currants along with some honey.  After all that comes a layer of spice with clove and cinnamon and a touch of honeysuckle and wildflowers.  The finish is fruit forward with a smooth creaminess and a minerality layer that accentuates all the other elements.

* 94 points, Platinum Award – Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition

* 91 points, Jamessuckling.com

Williamsburg Winery 2019 Sauvignon Blanc.
2019 Virginia Sauvignon Blanc

100% Sauvignon Blanc

I think we have exemplified the old-world traditions of Sauvignon Blanc and have created a wine with subtle aromatics of grapefruit, citrus, and green apple as well as a touch of strawberry and tart cherry. Along with these subtle elements is a clean grassy/hay note that pairs nicely with the fruits. Hiding just behind these is a prosciutto wrapped fig, which is why I think this wine will pair wonderfully with a cheese and charcuterie board. The finish has a lovely brightness with the grapefruit shining through. – Matthew Meyer, Winemaker

2021 Virginia Semi-Dry Rosé

79% Traminette, 16% Cabernet Franc, 5% Chardonnay

The first components to show up are vibrant honeysuckle, orange blossom and jasmine notes, which flow into some bright red fruits such as cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. Along with the explosion of flowers and fruits is a nice layer of honey and citrusy perfume with a touch of spice. The finish is full of honey and bright fruits with a creamy texture coming from just the right amount of residual sugar. I really like the balance and structure of this wonderful summer wine. 

Williamsburg Winery Brut Rose’.
Brut Rosé Sparkling

Varietal: 75% Chardonnay, 25% Cabernet Franc

The Brut Rosé is a crisp, fruit-forward sparkling wine made in the traditional method with secondary fermentation taking place in the bottle. The bouquet displays notes of strawberry, cherry, and vanilla and the finish is very bright. This sparkling Rosé wine is perfect for sipping outdoors, both by the pool and by the fire pit, and is also great as an aperitif.

American Wine Series

These wines pay respect to the rich wine history of Wessex Hundred and are made in a fun, easy-drinking style. 

Williamsburg Winery Governor’s White.
2021 Governor’s White

100% Riesling

The 2021 Governors White is a semi dry Riesling with a lot of bright fruit and multiple layers.  On the nose there are the tropical fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit, star fruit followed by blueberry, strawberry, plum and a touch of lemon that adds a pleasant brightness to the wine.  Amid the fruit layers is a very soft honey and vanilla that plays nicely with the classic Riesling nuances.  The residual sugar and alcohol are well balanced within the wine’s overall structure making for a very approachable wine with smooth sweetness and fruit.  This wine is very easy and fun to drink and will pair with many light dishes or spicy foods; or simply with a burger by the pool.

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