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The Legend of the Turkey & Brie Sandwich

The ingredients are simple. 

House-roasted turkey. 


Granny Smith apple slices. 

Lingonberry preserves. 

Roasted garlic mayo. 

French baguette. 

When it all comes together, it’s the iconic Turkey & Brie sandwich from The Williamsburg Winery. 

And it’s legendary. Not just legendary in our own minds as members of The Williamsburg Winery team, although we’ll tell you anytime you ask how much we love it. 

It’s legendary by the numbers. 

Each year, over 15,000 of these simple sandwiches are served at the Gabriel Archer Tavern alone. Now that it’s available at The Williamsburg Winery Virginia Beach Wine Bar, who knows how many more we’ll make each year.

What makes it so popular? So legendary? Why do people order it time and time again? 

We can’t answer for all 15,000 diners, but we did ask Chef David McClure, who said first and foremost the standout is the flavor profile – savory, salty, turkey; flaky, crusty French bread; sweet jam, with a little tartness; and the Brie cheese. 

Then there’s the craft and beauty of how each sandwich gets built. 

It starts with the turkey, which is “brined for a week with apple cider, a little bit of white balsamic, pink peppercorn, Herbs de Provence, and a little bit of juniper,” McClure said, “before getting roasted and sliced fresh.”

When it’s time to build the sandwich, the foundation of the fresh baguette anchors it all. 

The bread gets sauced with the Lingonberry jam (which you can buy in the retail shop), and a garlic mayo – a special recipe that includes none other than the iconic, smooth and creamy Duke’s Mayonnaise. The pièce de résistance is the turkey, apple and cheese piled high. 

The legend, though, isn’t just about the taste, Wessex Hundred Founder and Chairman Patrick Duffeler will tell you, too. 

It’s also because of what it represents. 

“Life is filled with so many fine and simple things,” Duffeler said. “The beauty of time at The Williamsburg Winery is that we’ve created a space for you to slow down, casually enjoy food and wine, and sip and savor life.”

The Turkey & Brie Sandwich is a literal and symbolic taste of that present mindedness. 

And it pairs well with a Chardonnay (from none other than The Williamsburg Winery, of course). 

Want to taste it yourself? The Turkey & Brie sandwich is available at both the Gabriel Archer Tavern at Wessex Hundred and the Virginia Beach Wine Bar.

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