Vintage Perspectives: Exploring Nature’s Connection of Art and Wine - The Williamsburg Winery

Vintage Perspectives: Exploring Nature’s Connection of Art and Wine

With over 300 acres of green space, vineyards, and unique views, The Williamsburg Winery at Wessex Hundred is home to overwhelming natural and architectural beauty. 

Each person who visits experiences the property from their own unique perspective (and we see that each day as you continue to share your experiences and photos with us on Facebook and Instagram!). 

To celebrate each of those individual views in a new way, The Williamsburg Winery is delighted to have partnered with the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center and over 50 local artists to showcase what they (and we) love most about our home here in Williamsburg. 

Throughout the summer of 2019, artists from the center visited the farm and winery, toured the property – in some cases, areas that the general public doesn’t often see – took photos, painted en plein air and created exceptionally unique and beautiful pieces in a variety of mediums. 

Want to see for yourself, and perhaps take one home to enjoy? 

Through Dec. 2nd, visit The Williamsburg Winery and enjoy the works hanging in our Wine Club lounge and tasting room by these talented artists. 

All works on exhibit are available for purchase.

While this collection is the first of this magnitude at The Williamsburg Winery, we have long been proud to partner with friends of the arts throughout the community, including events with the Muscarelle Museum. 

This ongoing exhibit creates an opportunity to further connect the public to the unique perspectives of artists and their vintage perspectives.


1. Annette Thompson

“…inspired by the varying shades of grays and purple in the grapes under a cloudy sky.”

2. Gerald Buetow 

“I resorted to imagination and essentials – Williamsburg Winery, wine, wineglass, a rose and a little artistic license. My painting is the result!”

3. Caroline Maryan

“The early morning light shining though the grapes caused them to glow like a cluster of golden pearls.”

4. Pat Cowan

“The depth of the rows against the dark backdrop of forest was peaceful and serene. How better to describe a scene of vines and nature.”

5. Doris S. Rowland

“On the day of my winery tour, there was a downpour. However, this only gave me the inspiration to capture the rainy elements that had enveloped the vineyard.”

6. Holland Wentz Etheridge 

“As a lover of wine, nature, and art, I find the Williamsburg Winery magical. How beautiful the golden autumn leaves are on a misty, purple afternoon.”

7. Catherine Minga

“I was captivated by the essence of the barrel room. With the aged walls and seemingly endless rows of barrels, I felt transported to another era. The room felt cool and held a mystical quality that compelled you not to speak above a whisper.”

8. Jeanne Kouhestani 

“I love the quaint buildings of the winery but also wanted to build in a portrait of a recognizable figure drinking Williamsburg Winery red wine. A little whimsy and a lot of Williamsburg Winery!”

9. Gulay Berryman

“I remember the opening day of Wedmore Place when they offered a guided tour of this beautiful hotel. I saw the courtyard with the lovely fountain which reminded me of similar fountains throughout France. What a fabulous venue to have a party!”

10. BeverIy Davis

“I was inspired by the Old-World charm of the vineyard. It reminded me of places I visited while on a study abroad program in Italy. The patio covered with vines brings a relaxed feeling. The large collection of onion bottles and rustic wood throughout inspired me to do a stained glass look to my piece.”

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