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Williamsburg Winery Wine Club: Discovering New Tastes While Making Friends

The Williamsburg Winery’s most intimate connection with customers is through its Wine Club, which provides members with the ultimate experience in world-class wine and food. Meet Wine Club members Jim Kline and his wife, Kathie, who moved from Wyoming to downtown Smithfield nine years ago to be closer to their son.

Joining the Club: “We heard wine is good for the heart and we wanted to start drinking Virginia wine when we moved here. We went over to the Williamsburg Winery, and they happened to be having a pickup social. We joined the Wine Club that day. It’s an exceptional experience, the way they made you feel welcome and at home.” — Jim

The Williamsburg Winery difference: “We had tried some other wines, some fruit wines. But when we went over to Williamsburg and bought some Merlot Reserve. Kathie really liked it. The way Matthew (Meyer), Winemaker and Executive VP, blended it suited our taste.” — Jim

Kathie’s favorite Williamsburg Winery wine is . . . Virginia Claret. “I like the way it tastes and how full bodied it is. It has a wonderful flavor and aroma.”

Jim’s favorite Williamsburg Winery wine is . . . “Anything that’s open.”

A change in taste: “We’ve traveled 10,000 miles and visited 20 states or so. We stop at wineries along the way and like to go to the tastings and get a different cup at each one. It’s really getting to the point that because we drink Williamsburg Winery wine so much, that’s how our taste is acclimated. The more we go, the more we appreciate the Williamsburg Winery.” — Jim

A special pair: “The winery’s raspberry dessert wine with cheesecake.” — Kathie

Memorable times: “One of the things they did for club members was a dinner with five different Adagios. We got to taste five different Adagios back to back. It was interesting to see how they paired with the beef and the lamb.” — Jim

“We’ve also enjoyed barrel tastings. We had lunch and got a tour and got to taste what wines they were making. We got to taste the wine from the barrel that’s aging and see how it changes over time. We tried some younger and some older. That was a riot.” — Jim

Favorite spot at Wessex Hundred: “If we go to the winery other than a Wine Club event, we go sit on the patio and have lunch and wine (at the Gabriel Archer Tavern).” — Jim

Fun to learn: “It surprised me how different a vintage tastes according to how the weather was that year.” — Kathie

“Different barrels have such an effect on the end result of the wine.” — Jim

I finally know how to . . . : “I’m so pleased I learned how to swirl the wine. Matthew said, ‘Put your hand on top of the glass and swirl it and then take off your hand.’ It’s like super charged aroma.” — Jim

An extended family: “They made us feel like family. Matthew and his wife, Elena, Stacey (Lightfoot) and her husband, Henry; they always come talk to you. Talk about top of the world for treating people is Kenny Bumbaco, VP of Wine Sales. It doesn’t matter when we’re there. We always see Kenny. Patrick Duffeler, Founder, comes in to visit, too.” — Jim

“The buildings are beautiful and everything else, but this winery treats you like family. That’s what I say over and over again. Customer service, customer service, customer service. It just carries all the way up and down the echelon.” — Jim

Find out information on how to join the Williamsburg Winery Wine Club online or call the Wine Club team at 757-229-0999, ext. 144.

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