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Wedmore room number 3, Brittany.
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Andalucia, Room #27
Brittany, Room #3
Catalonia, Room #28

What’s in a name: The Catalonia region in northeastern Spain is known for the lively beach resorts of Costa Brava as well as the Pyrenees Mountains. Catalan is a Romance language from the Neo-Latin group, appearing between the eighth and tenth centuries in a part of Catalonia, in Northern Catalonia and in Andorra, in the territories of the Carolingian Empire that formed the counties of the Spanish March.

History and more: Catalonia was among the first Roman possessions in Spain. Occupied during the 5th century by the Goths, it was taken by the Moors in 712 and at the end of the 8th century by Charlemagne. Despite more than 1,000 years of political flux in the region, Catalonia has maintained its unique cultural and linguistic tradition and is proud to be an autonomous region of Spain.

Distinctive features inside the Catalonia Room: This spacious Classic Room features traditional Spanish mosaic design on the azulejos (tile) that adorn the mantle. The armoire also shows off the mandala design that has roots in Spain. Williamsburg Winery Founder Patrick Duffeler lived for a span in the village of Cabrera de Mar, a municipality of the comarca of Maresme, a place,  he says, “where the sun rises over the Mediterranean and vanishes at sunset over the hills of Catalonia.” All of the furniture in this room comes from Catalonia. The window views of wooded Wessex Hundred offer their home peaceful respite.

Amenities: Wood-burning fireplace, king size bed, luxurious bed linens, antique writing desk, comfortable robes, complimentary toiletries, single-cup coffeemaker, television with cable, high speed wireless internet and hair dryer. Your stay in this Classic Room includes a complimentary continental breakfast and a wine flight for two from the Williamsburg Winery.

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Champagne, Room #8
Cornwall, Room #4
Lombardi, Room #2
Piemonte, Room #7
Vienna, Room #6

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