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Dine at the Gabriel Archer Tavern

Your unforgettable culinary experience awaits at Gabriel Archer Tavern, our European-inspired, full-service dining establishment that offers a true farm-to-table experience.

Pull up a chair to celebrate the flavors that define Coastal Virginia while simultaneously showcasing the world-class bounty found throughout the Commonwealth.

The view from your window seat or patio chair will be of vineyards in varying stages of growth depending on the season. The wisteria canopy atop our brick patio makes for a splendid outdoor roof that encourages lingering over good food, great wine and the best company.

The Tavern is named for Gabriel Archer, one of Jamestown’s most significant early leaders who co-captained the Godspeed, the lead ship among the three vessels that brought the men who founded the first permanent new settlement in the English New World. Archer envisioned the settlement at the mouth of the creek that was to be named “Archer’s Hope” — hope referred to an opening or hollow amongst hills. While Capt. John Smith overruled the idea by placing the settlement on Jamestown Island, the winery honors Archer’s request as Archer’s Hope is essentially the Wessex Hundred farm.

Originally, a tractor shed occupied the space where the tavern stands today. The shed constructed in 1987 housed farming equipment with a separate space reserved for the winery’s first viticultural manager to reside. For a spell, the shed served as a designated bonded area but was no longer needed when the winery became officially licensed in 1988. When the decision was made to add a restaurant in that space, rather than tear the shed down, Patrick Duffeler modified it significantly, replacing the concrete floor with a wooden one made from the richest of cedar planks.

Prior to opening the restaurant to the public in 1996, Duffeler entertained close friends in the renovated space. Initially, the tavern served tapas and wine before the menu expanded. Nothing outsells its acclaimed turkey and brie sandwich distinguished by the Lingonberry preserves and roasted garlic mayo that complement the turkey.


Breakfast BLT Bagel at Gabriel Archer Tavern- Bacon, Fried Egg, Bibb Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Roasted Garlic Mayo, Toasted Bagel with a Mimosa
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20% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more. Parties are limited to no more than 12 guests.


Monday-Thursday: 12PM – 3PM
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Lunch: 11AM – 4PM
Dinner: 5PM – 8PM
Sunday Brunch: 11AM – 4PM

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Meet Our Culinary Team

Our menu reflects the winery’s farm-to-table approach that features Virginia’s bounty in every bite. Chef de Cuisine Jake Wechsler and Sous Chef Chad Bergeron trained in Colonial Williamsburg and share a passion for authentic ingredients meticulously prepared. A world-class culinary experience awaits when you dine in the Gabriel Archer Tavern or plan a special event.


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