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Innovate today. Create tradition tomorrow.

Since our first planting of Chardonnay in 1985 to our most recent expansion to include Syrah and Muscat Ottonel, one thing has remained true – we take what the land gives us. After nearly 40 years of experience, extensive climate research, soil analysis, and a heavy dose of trial and error, we’ve really begun to understand what grows well on our storied land, and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t.

That’s where the innovation has come in.

Vinifera grapes like Petit Verdot, Merlot and Albariño have really thrived here at Wessex Hundred along with some newcomers like Tannat and Muscat. Hybrid grapes like Vidal Blanc have proven to be a viable, consistent performer here in Williamsburg and throughout the state.

We’ve created tradition, with those varietals, you might say.

As we like to say, “the best is yet to come” and that is certainly the case here in the vineyard. 

While we believe in celebrating and expressing the unique terroir of our historic Wessex Hundred estate, we feel it is important to showcase it within the context of the entire industry which is why we proudly partner and source high-quality grapes with several small farms throughout the Commonwealth. Our Virginia Appellation series is a celebration of the hard work and grit of some of our state’s finest growers as well as the diversity of the soils and terroirs that define Virginia. 

Vintage variation, diverse soils and terroirs define Virginia Wine.

And we proudly showcase and celebrate that here at Wessex Hundred. In the vineyard, and in the glass, it’s a true celebration of Virginia heritage, tradition and innovation.

Over 50 Acres of Vineyard at Wessex Hundred

Petit Verdot 11.6 acres
Chardonnay 6.1 acres
Tannat 5.6 acres
Viognier 5.5 acres
Vidal Blanc 5.4 acres
Cabernet Franc 5.2 acres
Merlot 4.4 acres
Albariño 3.8 acres
Syrah 2.2 acres
Muscat 1.5 acres

Virginia Peninsula American Viticultural Area

Virginia’s newest AVA is distinguished by its subtropical climate, extended growing season and maritime features, including sedimentary soil. Similar to Bordeaux, France, the Virginia Peninsula AVA is surrounded by bodies of water that assist in moderating the climate.

Five wineries are located on the Virginia Peninsula AVA, including the largest, the Williamsburg Winery, which took on the arduous task of collecting data to apply for the AVA. Climate, elevation, geology, latitude, sun exposure, soil composition and topology, everything that contributes to how grapes are grown, must be scrutinized before a petition is submitted to the TTB.

Three bottles of gold-winning wine at Williamsburg Winery

Partner Grape Growers

Grace Estate Winery, Mount Juliet Vineyard

Crozet, Virginia

Huff Chiles

(Carters Mountain Vineyard / Crown Orchard Vineyard)

Charlottesville, Virginia

Benevino Vineyards

Winchester, Virginia

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