App Suggestions to Enhance Your Outdoor Experience at Wessex Hundred - The Williamsburg Winery

App Suggestions to Enhance Your Outdoor Experience at Wessex Hundred

When you visit the Williamsburg Winery at Wessex Hundred, you will be immersed in more than good wine.

You’ll be surrounded by nature, a working farm both picturesque and serene where the air is fresh. It’s easy to relax when you take time to inhale and experience the tranquility of so much lush green space.

Many will choose to put their smartphone away and simply enjoy without the interruption of technology.

Others might be tempted to learn more about the landscape around them. If that’s the case, we offer a list of helpful apps to enrich your experience.

Audubon Bird Guide helps identify the birds around you. Enter data you observe, and Bird ID will narrow down a list of possible matches for your location in real time. You can also submit images of birds you spot to Ebird mobile. Identify butterflies, bugs or anything else intriguing by using Fieldguide.

Plantsnap  can identify plants, flowers, succulents and mushrooms in seconds with a click of a button on your mobile device. Search by leaf or needle at MyNature Tree Guide.

Trees nourish the soul, and Williamsburg Winery founder Patrick Duffeler is as passionate about caring for the thousands of trees at Wessex Hundred as he is about growing quality grapes. He planted 62,000 trees on the property over the years, which includes 40 acres of woods and 250 acres put into conservation. Identitree asks a series of questions to get you started in your tree identity quest. Many are oaks and loblollies.

You can log the hours you spend outdoors using NatureDose, as ideally your time at Wessex Hundred will encourage you to spend more hours in outside away from urban stresses.

Find meditations, soundscapes and audio-guided experiences based on the natural world at Roots app. During dusk, iPhone users can point their iPhone toward the sky to find stars and constellations using SkyVew Lite.

You’ll find “The Art and Science of Forest Bathing” in Duffeler’s personal library. He’s drawn to how trees communicate with us with their root systems and how the immune system strengthens by spending time among trees. The app Shinrin-yoku – Forest Bathing is one to download upon leaving the winery to recreate all the good things that happen when you become one with your natural surroundings.

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