Leave the Magic to Leah Robertson at Your Next Celebration - The Williamsburg Winery

Leave the Magic to Leah Robertson at Your Next Celebration

Engagements. Weddings. Birthday parties. Anniversaries. Galas.

Leah Robertson makes sure those milestones are magical when celebrated at the Williamsburg Winery. The transplanted Floridian joined the winery four years ago as its Wedding Sales & Contract Manager.

“I get to witness those fun moments on a weekly basis,” says Robertson, whose “office” is often elegant Wessex Hall, understated Westbury Hall or the lovely lawn at Wessex Hundred. “It’s nice to be part of a small, family-owned business that’s not part of a large corporation. It’s a beautiful property.”

Robertson followed a far different path in college as a criminology major. She initially coordinated events for an inpatient/outpatient substance abuse program in Florida before relocating to Virginia. What appealed to her most was the logistical planning side of that job.

“I like juggling a lot of balls,” Robertson says. “You have to be one step ahead and problem solve in a pinch.”

Like the time everything was perfect about the wedding corsages, only one of the women in the party had a dress with material that wouldn’t allow for a pin.

“I found a spare rubber band and turned it into a wrist corsage,” Robertson says. “Things that no one else often thinks about come naturally to me. Weddings can be 15-hour days and at the end you’re exhausted but you’re so busy moving, it doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun.”

She strives to make brides feel relaxed throughout and reassures them that it’s OK to make the day their own in every sense. “I tell them, ‘It’s your wedding. It’s your day. If you want to serve mac and cheese on your day, go for it!’” Robertson says.

In her free time, Roberson and her husband are typically at swim meets as both of their daughters excel at competition.

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