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Don’t Forget the Wine When Planning Your Picnic

With spring in the air, it’s time to plan for a picnic.

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Whatever’s in your basket, don’t forget to pack a bottle of wine from the Williamsburg Winery. Kenny Bumbaco, Vice President of Direct Wine Sales at the winery, offers some pairings suggestions for your afternoon outdoors.

If it’s sandwiches for lunch with a side of pasta or potato salad, include the Wessex Hundred Dry Rosé, a light and crisp selection with some freshness to it. “The Rosé works well with heavy creamy things like pasta salad and goes well with ham and turkey, too,” Bumbaco says.

If fried chicken is on your menu, you can’t forget the bubbly. Brut Rosé’s bouquet of strawberry, cherry and vanilla notes with a bright finish balances out the heartiness of the meal. “Having the carbonation in the Rosé really helps to cut through some of the richness of the fried chicken,” Bumbaco says.

The increasingly popular charcuterie board makes for a lighter picnic best accompanied by the Act 12 of 1619 Chardonnay. “It has these nice creamy notes that really complement the cheese well,” Bumbaco says. “Along with its old world charm, this wine has a fresh fruit aroma that will combine well with the charcuterie.”

Deviled eggs are another popular picnic option. With those, Bumbaco suggest Governor’s White, adding, “It’s a Riesling with a little bit of sweetness to it that brings out the tanginess of the eggs.”

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We love our barbecue in southeastern Virginia. No matter how you cook it, you can’t go wrong pairing it with the Virginia Cabernet Franc. “Our Cab Franc is really light. You don’t want to have a really heavy wine enjoying a nice day outdoors,” Bumbaco says. “Our Cabernet Franc is a nice and light body wine, so it’s really a good answer for a picnic-style Red.”

If your picnic is simply to satisfy your sweet tooth, the rule in general is to pair it with a wine that is as equally sweet as the confection. Fruit salad is tasty with Governor’s White. If cookies or brownies are your choice, the Petit Fleur is an excellent accompaniment.

Rule of thumb: “If all else fails, stick to the Wessex Hundred Rosé,” Bumbaco suggests. Rosé is the classic outdoor wine. It’s fun. It’s also pink, and who doesn’t like pink at a picnic?

Remember to keep your wine chilled, particularly if your picnic blanket or table is in the sun.

Shop for your picnic wine at the Williamsburg Winery’s retail shop or online. Snap a picture during your outing and tag us on Instagram @williamsburgwinery.

Enjoy the good wine and the good weather, too!

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