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5 Ways to get Engaged at The Williamsburg Winery

It’s finally time to plan for the moment, the moment you ask the One to marry you. You’ve got your perfect person, you have the ring, now you just need to create the perfect moment. Our 300-acre Wessex Hundred farm has many beautiful locations to help you build that moment, here are some of our favorite ideas.

  1. Book a tour and tasting Depending on your interest and tastes, there are several tour options that will take you through our cellar, a perfect place to pop the question. Let your tour guide in on the plan prior to starting your tour, they double as great photographers and can help capture your special moment!
  2. Stay at Wedmore Place If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, book a night at our hotel. After checking in, ask the front desk to light the fireplace in your room and get down on one knee. Or settle in, then walk through our beautiful courtyard and pop the question next to the fountain. Several viewpoints of the courtyard are available to hide a photographer to capture your moment. Some of our packages even include a bottle of bubbly to celebrate after the big moment or options for a romantic candle-lit dinner at the Café Provençal, our on-site world-class dinner restaurant.
  3. Take a romantic stroll Our scenic vineyards inspire romance and provide the perfect distraction while you collect your thoughts before the big moment. Walk to (not through, please) the vines and drop to one knee. Our dedicated team of professionals can also help you choose a wine and glasses to stage at a prearranged location next to the vines, we particularly love the lawn along the Petit Verdot vineyard.
  4. Share a candlelight dinner For classic romance, enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at our Café Provencal. Propose to your sweetie over dessert and celebrate with bubbly from our extensive wine list. Special requests can be made at the time of reservation for our team to help you stage the perfect moment.
  5. Stage a picnic
  6. Our Gabriel Archer Tavern offers to-go picnic lunches that can be enjoyed on many places around our 300-acre farm. Our newly renovated picnic space overlooking the young Albariño vines will open later this spring. You and your soulmate can share a picnic by the firepits or take advantage of the patio space. There are several location options for “the question” whether you prefer privacy or want to share the moment with a group of loved ones.

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