Sip the wine, savor the view, stick around for a while at the 1619 Pavilion - The Williamsburg Winery

Sip the wine, savor the view, stick around for a while at the 1619 Pavilion

Fresh air, a vineyard view, relaxed seating. The 1619 Pavilion at The Williamsburg Winery offers another setting for what founder Patrick Duffeler calls “the casual enjoyment of wine.”

The two-level, 2,600 square-foot deck that opened in spring 2019 overlooks a pair of vineyards. The upstairs and downstairs offer ample seating, and if it’s chilly, request your own personal heater for a little extra toastiness.

A dog- and kid-friendly terrace and a fire pit are more amenities. That leaves plenty of options to enjoy a flight or a glass of wine and nibble on the bites from the Gabriel Archer Tavern. The bar is staffed on the lower level. The upper deck is reserved for guests 21 and older.

Like everything at The Williamsburg Winery, the 1619 Pavilion has a story behind its name. The House of Burgesses at their first gathering and expression of democratic assembly in the English world required colonists to grow grapes and make wine under The Acte 12 of 1619.

“The House of Burgesses said everybody should have a vineyard, and I’m one of the ones still following the rules of 1619!” Duffeler quipped.

When the Pavilion opened in spring 2019, it marked the 400th anniversary of the Acte. It also represents another evolution of the winery, which opened in 1985 and later added Wedmore Place, Wessex Hall and Westbury Hall.

Duffeler observed over the years that some visitors wanted to experience The Williamsburg Winery while remaining on the grounds of the Wessex Hundred farm. The 1619 Pavilion is an extension of that idea.

The comfy cushioned chairs and rockers invite visitors to stay as long as they would like and savor the nearby Albariño and Petit vineyards.

Live music and wine-by-the-glass specials were part of the Pavilion’s inaugural summer and will continue once COVID-19 restrictions lift.

History buffs might consider this for a special toast —uncork a bottle of the 2019 Acte 12 of 1619 Chardonnay that features flavors of golden apple, toasted marshmallow and cinnamon-dusted puff pastry among others. Enjoy the dry yet fruity sweetness relaxing at the 1619 Pavilion.


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