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8 Things You Should Know About The Williamsburg Winery’s Wine Bar in Virginia Beach

Real talk. 

When it comes to talking about The Williamsburg Winery’s new Wine Bar in Virginia Beach, that’s the best place to start. 

With real talk.

Why? Because it’s the real talk – and real feedback from The Williamsburg Winery fans – that was the real genesis behind opening the location earlier this year. 

While The Williamsburg Winery’s Wessex Hundred is located in Williamsburg, one of the largest concentrations of Wine Club Members came from, you guessed it, Virginia Beach. 

They may love the wines, but they were not fans of getting from the beach – and through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel – to the Commonwealth’s most revolutionary city and the winery’s farm. 

They told us so. 

And we listened. 

In addition to its location, here are eight things you should know about The Williamsburg Winery’s new Wine Bar in La Promenade Distinctive Shoppes in Virginia Beach. 

{Be sure to read all the way to the bottom. There’s a bonus!}

1: Wine al Fresco 

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Williamsburg Winery Founder 

Patrick Duffeler (and you may see him from time to time in Virginia Beach), you’ll know that he’s a big fan of the outdoors. 

He believes strongly in the healing power of nature. 

He spends his weekends tending to the thousands of trees he’s personally planted on Wessex Hundred over the last 30 years, and he’s often dreaming up new ways to help guests find casual ways to enjoy wine outdoors. 

The Virginia Beach Wine Bar features a comfortable outdoor patio, complete with firepit…a perfect location to enjoy wine al fresco all year long. 

2: GRAPEness Overload 

We’re not talking just about the wine. 

We’re talking about the fruits of Reba McConnell’s labor. 

McConnell, a self-made and self-taught artist, designed and painted the regal mural inside the Wine Bar.

“My first instinct was to create something blurry, something super abstract, but then it evolved into this majestic cluster of grapes – it’s really beautiful,” she said. 

It’s also become a go-to selfie spot for guests. 

3: Fly, Fly Away 

Tastings come in the form of wine flights. 

A wine flight consists of larger pours of four pre-selected wines that have been curated based on a particular theme. The wine flight offers a more relaxed and leisurely tasting experience that allows you to not only compare and contrast wines, but to enjoy multiple sips of each wine for a more in-depth understanding of the wines/ciders in the flight.

4: A Celebration of Virginia 

There’s a reason that #vafoodie and #vawine trend on Instagram and other social media networks. 

We love Virginia and all the things that come from her. 

That’s just what’s featured on the menu at the Wine Bar. 

In addition to a full selection from The Williamsburg Winery, guests can order from a selection of Virginia ciders, other select Virginia wines, and a small plate menu featuring some of the Commonwealth’s finest producers with an emphasis on oysters, cheese and local produce. 

5: DIY

Ever thought about what a light fixture would look like if crafted with a wine bottle? How about a table made out of corks? 

Us, too. 

We featured wine-inspired décor and fixtures throughout the space. 

Take a look around when you’re visiting. Take some notes. Get inspired. 

6: Get Your Learning On 

Ernest Hemingway once said that “a person with increasing knowledge and sensory 

education may derive infinite enjoyment from wine.” 

Want to learn more about wine? The making of it? The tasting of it? 

Wine seminars have become a staple in Virginia Beach, much like in Williamsburg. Stay tuned to The Williamsburg Winery’s event calendars for details. 

7: Discounts

Who doesn’t love saving a little money? Discounts are available for Wine Club Members…and we’re accepting new members. 

At the Virginia Beach Wine Bar, Wine Club Members enjoy 20% off all wine flights and 10% off all food. Discounts are available on bottles, too, based on level of membership. 

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